‘Ops Tegas’ 2 nets more traffic offenders

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FORTY-one speeding offences as well as 20 compound and docket cases were recorded yesterday in a cross country sting mounted by the Traffic police.

Traffic Control and Investigation Department (JSKLL) of the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) set up a speed trap and roadblocks in the Brunei-Muara and Belait Districts in an operation dubbed “Ops Tegas 2”.

In the Muara end of the Muara- Tutong Highway, the traffic police set up a speedtrap with a roadblock further up ahead near the Bukit Shahbandar area while Jalan Tengah Anduki in the Belait District was the location of the roadblock.

The two-hour speed trap in the Belait District involving 12 JSKLL personnel led by Sgt 2574 Sidek Hj Serudin netted 41 motorists who were driving beyond the 70 kilometre per hour (kph) speed limit set for the area.

The fastest speed of the day recorded was nearly double the speed limit, at 123 kph.

Meanwhile, the roadblock held simultaneously near Bukit Shahbandar managed to record 12 offences.

These were six compound cases: three for not displaying the road tax disc, two for sport rims and one for a non-functioning horn while the remaining six, which were docket cases were for five expired road tax discs and one for using window shades.

The roadblock was carried out by 35 JSKLL personnel led by Sgt 2570 Muhd Nadi Nabillah Muhd Musa.

For the Belait District operation, the roadblock following the speed trap held from 9am to 11.30am involved seven JSKLL personnel led by Cpl 2713 Mohd Sahlidin.

Five compound cases and three docket cases, including expired road tax were issued as a result.

In a statement yesterday, the JSKLL reminded road-users to ensure their vehicles were in good physical conditions and had valid documents, before setting off on their respective journeys.

The police held similar operations the previous day.

The Brunei Times