308 cases of smoking offences registered

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THE Enforcement Unit of Tobacco Control Section under the Ministry of Health has issued a compound fine in 308 cases of offences for flouting the Tobacco Order 2005 during operations from January to November. A statement from the Ministry of Health yesterday said of the total number, 249 or 81 per cent of the offences were cases of smoking in prohibited public places, violating Chapter 14.

The Ministry reminded the public again that under the Tobacco Order Notice (Prohibition of smoking in specified places) (Amendment) 2012, which has been enforced from March 1, 2012, stated that places where smoking is prohibited include government buildings, office premises and all public areas as well as any part within the premises.

The non-smoking areas also include sidewalks and a six-metre radius from any building where smoking is banned. The prohibition aims to protect not only the smokers themselves but also the public, especially passive smokers from cigarette smoke that can harm health and lead to many chronic diseases such as cardiac problems, lung cancer and respiratory ailments.

Starting from October 1, 2013, the Ministry of Health has been implementing tougher law enforcement by increasing the amount of fines against offences under Chapter 14 of the Tobacco Order 2005. Anyone who is found violating the norm will be liable to a fine of $300 for the first offence and $500 for second or subsequent offence. Since the enforcement took into effect, until the end of November this year, a total of 56 persons have been compounded.

The Ministry of Health through its Enforcement Unit will always monitor the prohibition of smoking in specified places and welcome complaints and reports from the public on the hotline — 7192005 or e-mail: health.enforcement@moh.gov.bn.

The Brunei Times