20 students to take scaffolding course

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ABOUT 20 students would be trained in the second scaffolding course at the Youth Development Centre, as part of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports’ aspirations to produce skilled Brunei workers.

The youth signed the agreement with Blue Oceanic Management Services, which will carry out the six-month training.

The first two months of training will be conducted at the centre, while the remaining period of the course will be conducted at private companies in the country.

The course was designed to give them additional practical training and experience of the industry’s needs and practices to become skilled youth, stated a press release from Blue Oceanic Management Services.

Upon achieving the certificate scaffolding skills level 1, students who excel in their work can also explore entrepreneurship in the field. It also allows the certificate holder to pursue a course of their skills to a higher level, the statement added.

Last month, 14 youths completed the first scaffolding course.

The Brunei Times