Man gets 7-year jail for credit card fraud

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A MALAYSIAN man was sentenced by the Intermediate Court yesterday to seven years in jail after he pleaded guilty to possessing fake credit cards and committing fraud.

Wong Yun Sang, 35, and another person, Mr X, were arrested on September 30, at the immigration checkpoint of the Brunei International Airport as both their names had been put up on the immigration stop list.

A total of 10 fake credit cards were seized from their possession by the police during the arrest.

Wong had been put on the stop list after investigation into a reported fraud had identified him as the perpetrator.

Wong had visited Brunei a week earlier as both he and Mr X had agreed to participate in a counterfeit credit card scamming scheme for an undisclosed offer. He was recruited by a man named Ah Ken who supplied the fake credit cards.

Wong would receive commission upon the goods being sold.

Wong’s role in the scheme was to assist Mr X in purchasing items from areas where they would be able to use the fake credit cards. He was also tasked to pay for any transport and expenses incurred by both of them.

When they arrived in Brunei on September 23, Wong took Mr X to three shops and purchased goods worth over $3,500 using the fake credit cards. These items included mobile phones, perfume and gold jewelry.

Before leaving Brunei on the same day, the duo made multiple further failed attempts of purchasing items with counterfeit credit cards.

The fraud centre at Baiduri Bank was alerted and a report was subsequently lodged by the bank on the matter.

Wong said he had joined the scheme to pay for his ailing father’s medical bills. In delivering the verdict yesterday, presiding Intermediate Court judge Hj Abdullah Soefri POKSM DSP Hj Abidin said a custodial sentence was justified as this was a serious type of offence committed by a foreigner who entered Brunei for that purpose.

The Brunei Times