HM presents 37 awards to scout leaders

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THIRTY-seven awards were given out to Bruneian and foreign scout leaders at the Fourth National Jamboree yesterday.

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam presented the awards as part of the Brunei Scouts Association’s 80th anniversary at the Jamboree camping area within the vicinity of Jln E-Kerajaan in Beribi.

Foreign scout leaders who have provided outstanding service in promoting friendly relations with the association received the Brunei International Friendship Award.

During an interview with one of the Brunei International Friendship Award recipients, Chay Hong Leng was delighted to be able to receive the award for his country, Singapore.

“I am much honored to be here to meet His Majesty and to participate in the 80th anniversary Jamboree. It’s my first time in Brunei and it’s an honour to receive this award for my country. We are very glad to establish the international friendship with Brunei, ASEAN as well as the Asia-Pacific region,’’ he said.

He added that Singapore has been participating in exchange programmes with Brunei over the last few years, and would continue to do so to strengthen relations between both countries.

Dr Chao Shou-Po, chairman of Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Committee, said friendship is the foundation of peace and harmony.

“I feel honored to receive the Brunei International Friendship Award from a peaceful and prosperous country like Brunei. I think scouting is for brotherhood, for friendship and solidarity,” he said.

He added that people have paid attention to the scout movement, and scouting is for the well being of youth and for the country.

“When leaders of the country attach importance to the scout movement, it means that this country cares for the future of the young generation,’’ he said.

S Prassana Shrivastava, director of Development Support and Finance of World Scout Bureau in Asia Pacific Region, felt proud to receive an award from His Majesty.

“I believe the gathering of so many leaders from different countries in Brunei, and many of them being recognised by various awards, simply shows the international cooperation by Brunei Scouts Association with other scouts associations.

“The response of other organisations show the support not only from the World Scouts Bureau, but also other national scouts in the region,’’ said the director who has been associated with Brunei Scouts Association for almost 19 years.

However, he said more young people are needed to engage with non-formal education.

“I believe it has been spoken by many of the United Nations leaders too, that formal education today is not enough and it is not sufficient and therefore scouting is one of the non-formal education which provides development opportunities to young people,” said the director, adding that the Brunei Scouts Association is heading the right direction.

Another award that was presented during the Fourth National Jamboree yesterday was the Rakis Award, the second highest honour in the association dedicated to scout leaders and individuals who have provided outstanding service, and were directly involved in the country’s scouting movement.

The Excellence Service Medal Award Second Class-silver was also presented to the chief scouts commissioner or individuals who have provided outstanding service and were involved in the scouting movement in the country and at the international level.

The Brunei Times