UBD promotes Islamic intellectuals

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UNIVERSITI Brunei Darussalam (UBD) held a poster exhibition to promote the ideas of prominent Islamic intellectuals yesterday.

During the launch at UBD’s The Core, exhibition Chaiperson Hjh Noor Ruyahimi @Ameerah Hannah Hj Abd Rahim said the showcase was aimed at promoting Islamic insights among the academia.

“Through this kind of exposure, it is hoped that Islamic educators would have insights inspired by renowned Islamic scholars, aside from subscribing only to the perspectives of Western intellectuals.”

She said the exhibition does not focus solely on Islamic education in general, but includes other subjects such as Science, Mathematics, and Sociology.

Hjh Noor Ruyahimi told The Brunei Times that there were Islamic scholars who were experts in various fields.

“There are Islamic scholars who are famous for their works, for example, Ibn Sina is quite renowned for his works in medicine and also other figures like Ibn Khaldun and Al-Ghazal, most of them are quite expert in their own fields – they have their own theories especially in terms of education.”

“Education nowadays is based mostly from Western school of thoughts, while in actuality Islamic scholars had been prominent for a long time,” she said.

“We have seen that some of their works are being adopted by Western scholars and developed into their own,” she added.

Nuzul Aini Hj Ibrahim, another exhibition participant, expressed her interest by referring to a renowned Islamic scholar, Ibn Khaldun.

“He was able to predict societal transformations and he was also known as an expert of sociology, economy and medicine.”

“So by understanding his thoughts, we will be able to understand the world and civilisations, and trace how they change from time to time,” she said.

Hamidah Hj Abdul Rahman, a participating graduate at the exhibition, said understanding Islamic scholars would bring about new innovations.

The exhibition was organised by UBD graduates of Islamic education as part of their assignment aimed at promoting Islamic thoughts and producing works and refinements for Islamic education.

The Brunei Times