Tahfiz students told to stay strong in the face of adversity

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TAHFIZ students have to be more resilient, remain true to themselves and their religion as they face more challenges to become the future specialists in memorising Al-Quran.

Challenges such as social media and peer pressure are more prominent nowadays thus students must ask themselves if they are able to face these challenges and become the next generation of Hafiz (person who memorise Al-Quran) for Brunei Darussalam, said Dato Ustaz Hj Sallehuddin Omar.

Dato Hj Sallehuddin, who was the first principal of Instititut Tahfiz Al-Quran Sultan Hj Hassanal Bolkiah, said this while delivering his speech at a special Al-Quran motivation talk, yesterday.

“Memorising Al-Quran is not an easy task and requires a person to have some skills beforehand and the individual must follow the specific rules to ensure his memorisation can stick to their heart and mind,” he said.

He added especially now with the challenge of the advancement in Information Communication technology, students are being “bombarded” and “lured” by the cyber world thus they need to think maturely on how to protect themselves from these challenges.

“Advancements in technologies are not all bad or have negative influences, so students must know how to use these technologies to their advantage. Social media such as Facebook do have their advantages where they can participate in a group discussing Islam and seeking knowledge on how to improve their memorisation,” he said.

Dato Hj Sallehuddin also urged the students to just concentrate on their studies and memorisation of the holy book and forget about the worldly things until they completed their studies.

“That is why I said that students must ask themselves how serious they want to be a Hafiz. If they are truly serious of their studies, they must show their commitment and be focused to achieve that. Why not spend your school holidays at the school and concentrate of memorising as many chapters or surahs as possible,” he said.

He advised the students to be consistent in their readings and memorisation by starting with a few lines and then continue until the full chapter until they are fluent. He added that every person has their own time where they found it easy to memorise so each student must find that time to do so. Besides the students themselves, Dato Hj Sallehuddin also advised parents to ensure that their incomes are from Halal source. “To produce quality hafizs, not only the students themselves have to work hard but parents must also play their parts as well,” he said.

Dato Hj Sallehuddin became the first principal of the institute from 1993 until 1999 when the institute was first set up in Kiarong with only 40 students.

“I am proud to see that some of the students become the educators here in the institute and passing their knowledge to the next generation of students,” he said.

Meanwhile the second speaker Tan Sri Syaikh Hj Ismail Muhammad, the first deputy principal of the institute and also the Grand Imam of the National Mosque of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, said one have to be patien when memorising the Al-Quran.

“Memorising Al-Quran is a blessing from Allah SWT. Don’t make excuses that you have too much homework to do as the syllabus is almost the same in every Tahfiz school where both religious studies and standard curriculum are integrated,” he said.

Tan Sri Syaikh Hj Ismail added the most important thing is that students must know how to divide their time to excel in all subjects.

“What we want to see in future is that Brunei will be able to produce doctors, engineers or even pilots that are also knowledgeable in Islam and can memorise the Al-Quran,” he said.

Around 100 students including the recipients of the Tasmie Allowance attended the talk held at the institute, yesterday.

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