No travel advisory on Thailand but caution urged

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NO OFFICIAL travel warning has been issued for Bruneians wishing to travel to Thailand, despite ongoing anti-government protests in Bangkok, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT) yesterday.

“However, Bruneian travellers are advised to register with the Embassy of Brunei Darussalam in Thailand (upon their arrival), and to stay away from demonstration areas,” stated a MOFAT representative. General Manager of local travel agency Century Travel Centre Foo C P said fewer than 10 customers had cancelled their upcoming flights from Brunei to Thailand.

He explained that despite there being concerns among people intending to travel to Thailand, the number of cancellations was not alarming, and customers have proceeded ahead with their travel plans.

“We are also in constant contact with our tour operators in Bangkok, and they have said there are some problems, such as road closures, but it’s not affecting the whole city,” Foo added.

Foo also said that while travelling to Bangkok was not a cause of concern for him at the moment, the travel agency is advising new customers to consider travelling to other parts of Thailand during this time, such as Pattaya or Chiang Mai.

Foo added flights to Thailand were not popular at the travel agency right now, but said he would not attribute it to the current protests in Thailand.

“December is always a peak travel period, as the trend of travelling in Brunei has become pretty much pre-planned.

“However, travel agency business is not exactly at its peak during this time, as travellers have often already purchased their flight tickets during September and October, when there are air fare promotions,” he explained.

Meanwhile, another tour agency in Brunei also said they had not received many cancellations from their customers travelling to Thailand.

“Some customers might not be cancelling their bookings because they could be just transiting in Bangkok (en route to another destination) though,” explained a representative from the agency.

The travel agency is not receiving any new bookings from customers wishing to visit Thailand, the representative pointed out.

Royal Brunei Airlines as well as the Embassy of Brunei Darussalam in Thailand could not be reached for comment.

The Brunei Times