Islamic media must act as safeguard for Muslim communities

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ISLAMIC media should preserve the glory of the Quran and Sunnah to safeguard Islam and Muslim communities said the Minister of Religious Affairs.

Yang Berhormat Pengiran Dato Seri Setia Dr Hj Mohammad Pengiran Hj Abd Rahman, at the Third International Conference on Islamic Media in Jakarta, said that Islamic media plays such an important role in ensuring that defamation and contempt towards Islam, along with the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is closely guarded.

He explained that with the large role that media plays in providing information on the go, individuals are now seeking various forms of knowledge may it be that of worldly knowledge or those relating to the hereafter. Its role while positive, cannot escape its negative elements.

“If the Islamic media keeps its blind eye from the humiliation, the credibility of the media itself will be threatened for failing to play its role in defending Islam and the Muslims, and in supporting the five maqasid.”

The Religious Affairs Minister explained that the five maqasid refers to the principles of Islam which comprises the preservations of religion, line, lineage, intellect, and property.

“Islamic scholars have unanimously said that the five maqasid are the primary goal of the Muslims’ cause that would give the Muslims dignity and integrity. This will only be successful if the media could understand the concept of the maqasid and uphold it with the fullest support wholeheartedly.”

He expressed his hope to have the cooperation of media and its accompanying mediums to support the current move in Brunei to gradually implement the Syariah Penal Code.

“We hope that media and its medium will support our country’s initiative in introducing the Syariah Penal Code 2013 and put off all misinterpretation and misleading information that might cause harm in upholding the maqasid or principles of syariah itself,” said the minister.

The conference, themed “Media and Social Responsibility”, was organised by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia along with the Muslim World League based in Jeddah.

It is currently being held in Jakarta is expected to close on Thursday.

The Brunei Times