Libraries get together at Kg Parit

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A VILLAGE library event to celebrate National Reading Month 2013 was held at Kg Parit Recreational Park, Pengkalan Batu yesterday.

Head of Libraries from the Language and Literature Bureau Hj Sahari Hj Nassar said the event aimed at enhancing relationships between library users and staff in all four districts.

“The library will give encouragement and incentives for all active members to further enhance the spirit of love and fondness of reading amongst all walks of life, and to use the library on a continuous basis as a place to find and acquire knowledge,” he said.

“Hopefully this annual event will be able to form the foundation of a culture of avid and diligent reading to gain more information.”

Yesterday saw about 100 children and teenagers from nine libraries across the country participating in poetry and dramatic staging performances based on the culture and history of the Sultanate.

Members from The Lambak Kanan Library team, aged between eight and 21, based their performance on the legend of Lumut Lunting - an island that was featured in legendary Bruneian warrior Awang Semaun’s poems.

“They learned and practised the performance for about two weeks every day at our library,” said Masni Sahat who supervised the team for the event.

“They acted and danced, telling a story on the history of this island with the aim of sustaining the Brunei culture among other young people,” she said.

“As children nowadays might not know some of the (country’s) history, we hope they will continue to learn about our nation’s past through this performance.’’

Meanwhile, 18-year-old student Amiey Amsyaruddin described the activities as “fun”, adding that the activities interested him, especially in the areas of dance.

“I have been a member of the (Lambak Kanan) library for a long time, and attend this event every year.”

“I hope other young people will be more interested and actively involved in traditional activities,” he said.

The Brunei Times