Jobseekers complete accounting course

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SOME 20 local jobseekers completed their basic accounting course which was conducted by the Local Work Agency and Workforce Development (APTK), Ministry of Home Affairs yesterday.

The three and a half day course, managed by Deloitte and Touche was provided free of charge by the company.

It aimed to help jobseekers be more knowledgeable whilst at the same time develop and enhance the role of socio-economic development.

The course covers five areas: introduction to business and book keeping, imprest system, subsidary ledgers and records reconciliation as well as trial balance.

Participants were those who have passed their O level Mathematics and English.

Assistant Commisioner of Labour from APTK Dk Siti Khatizah Pg Hj Bakar, said that the basic accounting course which aimed at giving extra knowledge to job seekers to make them more marketable, will ensure good success rate in landing them a job.

“The success rate of the previous participants getting employment after completing the course was about 50 per cent. The rest of the participants either preferred to get other jobs or further their studies,”’ she said.

She said that the course conducted was in line with Brunei’s drive to improve financial literacy among youth.

“Youth are encouraged to start their own business and not to depend on the government. So, I believe this course would be a stepping stone for their future either working with private companies or building their own,’’ she added.

A 28 year old participant, Muhammad Firdaus Hj Ahmad, decided to take up the course hoping it could land him a job.

“I heard that having basic accounting (makes it) easier to get a job... . With this certificate (I hope) it would help me secure a job,” he said.

The Brunei Times