Belait farmers discuss progress

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DISCUSSIONS on the progress of country’s agriculture sector in conjunction with the annual Farmers and Fishermen’s Day 2013 continued yesterday, with about 250 farmers from Belait District attending.

Held at Dewan Simpur of the Rimba Horticulture Centre, the programme aims to give exposure and knowledge to farmers from Belait District on the development of agriculture industry in the country in the field of livestock, crop and agrifood.

Also present during the event was Hjh Aidah Hj Mohd Hanifah, acting director of the Agriculture and Agrifood Department (DAA).

A statement provided by the Agriculture and Agrifood Department said similar discussions were also previously organised for farmers in Brunei-Muara District, Tutong District, and Temburong District, respectively.

Based on a statistic in 2012 the gross agricultural production in Belait District has shown positive increase from $44.79 million in 2011 to $45.15 million in 2012. The production has increased by 0.8 per cent or $360,000.

The main contributor for this increase was the poultry industry which is successfully contributed to $27.81 million.

Other industries such as vegetables contributed to $5.79 million, egg production $5.73 million, fruits $3.39 million, various plant-based products $730,000, agrifood process industry from plant-based product $680,000, rice $530,000, decorative plants $250,000, cut flowers $180,000, buffalo meat and beef $70,000, goat meat $2,000 and agrifood process industry from livestock-based product $200.

Currently, the statement said, there are about 885 entrepreneurs/companies venturing in the agriculture and agrifood sector in Belait, which is accounted for 16 per cent of the total entrepreneurs in the country’s agiculture and agrifood sector.

Meanwhile, the Fisheries Department also held a discussion with fish and prawns farmers as well as fishermen at Dewan Persiaran in Kuala Belait.

A statement issued by the Fisheries Department yesterday said that the event aims to strengthen the ties between officers of the Fisheries Department and industry players.

The Brunei Times