Civil service must strive to improve quality of its work

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IMAMS nationwide reminded congregants about the importance of the civil service, and warned against abuse of power when serving in government.

“We should be grateful by the grace of Allah (SWT) for stability of the country and we acknowledge that the driving force behind this is the civil service,” imams said in the sermon yesterday.

The sermon was in conjunction with the 20th Civil Service Day, which is usually celebrated in October. The theme for this year is “Dynamic governance for the welfare of the people”.

“The civil service is an important institution, with its role as a driving force not just in developmental programmes but also in raising the quality and welfare of the country,” the sermon stated.

Imams went on to say that the civil service in Brunei, as in other countries, should strive to continually improve its work.

Imams said the value of good governance was not something to be debated, and that it should be coupled with the concept of “efficiency, innovation and dynamism”.

The sermon said good governance was not something forgotten in Islam. It added that dynamic governance should strive to improve the overall welfare of the people and the country.

From an Islamic perspective, the sermon pointed out that dynamic governance was practised by the Prophet (Peace be upon him).

Imams nationwide said that innovation and creativity were fundamental to dynamic governance. It is also an integral part of an economy’s development and a country’s progress.

“Work which is knowledgeable, creative and innovative should have substance, and an understanding of this can enable systematic and strategic planning,” the imams said.

The sermon then urged civil servants to look for innovative opportunities at the workplace. It went on to say that innovative thinking can optimally bring forward an organisation by using already available resources.

Civil servants were also reminded of the value and importance of strong character. The sermon added that for the country to protect itself from negative elements, such as white-collar crime and abuse of power, civil servants must inculcate values such as honesty, trustworthiness, patience and commitment, among other things.

“Our actions must follow the teachings of Islam, from there each decision should be sincere and fair.” The sermon said that it was important that those who were in administration and management were trustworthy.

The sermon said the civil service needed to be positive and forward thinking to raise its quality of service. However, there are many positive qualities exhibited by those currently working in the civil service, such as trustworthiness, honesty, sincerity, openness and the ability to follow the rules of the civil service.

The Brunei Times