Man charged with theft of two bags of coins

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A MAN who allegedly climbed over the gate of a US diplomat’s residence in Brunei will be appearing before the Magistrates’ Court.

Md Fairuz Rahim is being charged with the theft of two plastic bags carrying coins of numerous foreign currencies belonging to Melinda Pavek on November 15 at Jln Beribi.

The penalty under Section 380 of the Penal Code carries a seven-year jail term and fine.

Md Fairuz told the court he was seeking shelter from heavy rains. He added he was being chased by cars and a motorcycle, and in a state of panic, decided to climb over the gates.

Md Fairuz explained he had put his wet clothes into a black recycling bag which held the coins, but was unaware of this at the time.

During yesterday’s proceedings he maintained his account of the events during the night and following day.

The trial is scheduled to be heard on December 23, with the prosecution calling seven witnesses. Md Fairuz, who is unrepresented, will present his own evidence.

Hewas released on a $5,000 bail with one local surety. The court has ordered Md Fairuz to report to the Charged Room Officer at the Central Police Station once a month and to obey the dusk-till-dawn curfew, failing which will result in his bail being revoked.

The Brunei Times