Girl fined $1,600 for false rape report

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A TEENAGER who lodged false rape report to the police was fined $1,600 by the Magistrates’ Court yesterday after pleading guilty to the charge.

The court document states that on November 12, Siti Khatijah Abdul Rajid, 18, had told her boyfriend that she had been kidnapped by two Nepalese men and was raped by both men at the Holiday Lodge.

She had told this after the boyfriend became angry at her when he asked about her whereabouts, as he had received a message on his mobile phone, which the defendant had borrowed from him and returned earlier that same day.

Upon hearing that, the defendant’s boyfriend became angrier and started replying to the messages that were sent by one of the Nepalese men, the alleged “rapists”.

The boyfriend, who by then pretended to be the defendant, arranged to meet with the alleged “rapist” at Times Square at 8pm that evening.

At 9.30pm, Siti Khatijah and her boyfriend with some members of his family waited for the alleged “rapists” at Coffee Bean in Times Square.

When one of the Nepalese men appeared and headed towards the defendant, a man then pulled his shirt and attacked him. Members of the public tried to stop the fight. Not long after, the other Nepalese men appeared to which Siti Khatijah identified him as her alleged “rapist”.

A man then pushed the alleged “rapist” and tried to run after him but was unsuccessful.

Soon after, police from the Berakas Police Station arrived after they were informed that there was a fight in the vicinity of Times Square. Upon arriving at the scene, both Siti Khatijah and one of the Nepalese men, Thamesh Rai, were brought to the Berakas Police Station for investigation.

During the investigation, Siti Khatijah gave two separate statements to a police officer and another police officer from the Women and Child Abuse Investigation Unit stating that she was kidnapped and raped by both Nepalese men.

Meanwhile, both Nepalese men had been remanded for further investigation. Other witnesses were also called to give statements, namely Siti Khatijah’s boyfriend and her cousin.

As a result of the assault, Thamesh had suffered multiple injuries on his body and a fracture on his index middle finger. As a result of the defendant’s complaint, both the alleged “rapist” had to stay back in Brunei pending further investigations as they were supposed to go back to the United Kingdom on November 15 after completing a short course in Brunei.

On November 14, Siti Khatijah confessed to Inspector Hjh Roszaffina at the WCAIU, that she had fabricated the information she had given to the two police officers. Siti Khatijah further told the officer that she was scared of being investigated by the police, as it was her first time as well as because she was scared that her cousin would be involved in the investigation.

In passing sentence, the presiding judge Chief Magistrate Abdullah Soefri said he would have imposed a probation on the defendant if not for the seriousness of the offence and the extent of the investigations that had to be done because of the defendant’s false report.

The chief magistrate said that the facts of the case were “disturbing” and it would not be in the public interest and not viewed as a deterrent sentence if probation was passed.

The court further took into consideration her age, plea of guilt and court believes that she has shown remorse and that she deserves a second chance.

He also stated that both offences are similar but were repeated on two occasions and took into account the principle of totality when passing sentence.

Siti Khatijah was imposed a $1,600 or two months’ jail in default. The court ordered for the fine to be paid within 12 weeks.

The Brunei Times