Muslim youth urged to uphold Islamic ideals

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IMAMS at the Friday sermon yesterday called on Muslim youths in the country to uphold the sovereignty of Islam and prove they deserve to become Brunei’s future leaders.

“Remember, the responsibility to defend Islam is a trust that must be upheld by all, including the youth. Prove to the nation that Muslim youths are the best youth (and) are capable of becoming examples and eligible to lead the country in the future,” they said.

The religious leaders pointed out that the youth were among the most valued human resource in the country, especially since they constituted half of Brunei’s population.

“They will become the backbone of the country’s strength as heirs to the (country’s) leadership in the future.

They need to be nurtured, educated and guided in the right direction, so that they will become a generation that is knowledgeable, pious, charitable, fearful (of Allah SWT) and have noble traits,” it was said in the sermon.

“Because only with this, will (we) give rise to a youth that will become a workforce that is capable of contributing to national development and progress.”

Touching on the theme of this year’s national youth day, “Youths Towards the National Vision”, the imams explained the importance of visionary youth.

They elaborated that the vision can serve as a guide and set a target to be achieved within a set time frame.

In Brunei’s context, these visions were that of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam for the Sultanate to become a Zikir Nation, National Vision 2035, for entrepreneurial youth and for them to uphold the national MIB (Malay Islamic Monarchy) philosophy.

It is therefore the duty of all agencies and institutions to render their assistance and prepare the infrastructure for youths to achieve these visions.

“This guidance will shape the identity of the youth so that they will be responsible towards the religion, race and country, and consequently make them youths that are admired by Allah SWT.”

The imams delivering the sermon yesterday pointed out that the youth set the future of the nation, leading it to either good futures or bad.

“If we want to see the face of the nation in the future, just look at the young generation today. If the young (people) today are (of) moral (character), then the country to come will become a country that is peaceful and prosperous.

But if the situation is the opposite, then be ready to face a future of bleak possibilities,” they said, citing an Islamic scholar.

Therefore, they reminded youths in their pursuit of knowledge to not only focus on academic knowledge, but also knowledge that can be used to safeguard Islam, the race and country.

The Brunei Times