Maktab Duli goes green

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DULI Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadee Billah College (Maktab Duli) yesterday came 100 trees closer to its goal of transforming its campus into a “Forest in the College”.

Four of the college’s former principals joined teachers and other members of the college community yesterday to plant the trees in three selected areas around the campus.

The event started with remarks by Maktab Duli principal, Marina Chek Bujang, who welcomed her predecessors Datin Paduka Hj Apsah Hj Abd Majid, Hj Jamal Hj Kahar, Hj Muhd Masa Masdi Muhd Sa’idun and Hjh Seroja Hj Siau to the event. The guests of honour planted royal palm trees.

Some 125 teachers turned up to participate in the mass planting activity with some of them bringing their own trees to add to the 100 provided by the Forestry Department, according to Armacester Hj Arsad, Maktab Duli’s head of HSE Section.

A representative from the department, Mohd Zukrina Hj Roslan also gave a briefing on the correct methods of planting the trees.

“We aim to create a fresh, conducive and green environment for our staff and students. At the same time, we hope the planting activity will contribute in instilling values of teamwork and respect within the MD community,” Armacester told The Brunei Times.

The campus greening campaign started in 2012 with the first tree planting event. Armacester shared that the initiative was inspired by 10.10.10, when communities around the world carried out work to cut carbon and pledged to build a sustainable future.

“The project is done in phases. InsyaAllah, eventually with more trees planted, Maktab Duli will eventually have a ‘forest in the college’,” she said.

However, she shared that there was still much to be done to achieve this aim.

“MD is a massive campus. There are still a lot of open spaces that (have) yet to get the ‘green’ touch.”

Some 68 trees were planted during the first activity in 2011, and a further 46 were planted during the second event in February 2012.

The trees planted yesterday included foxtail palm, tabebuia, royal palm, melawaring, ubah and rulaut.

The Brunei Times