Brunei continue to pour in aid

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BRUNEIAN organisations continued to pour in relief aid for Supertyphoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines.

The Brunei Shell Joint Venture companies launched a donation appeal to encourage its staff to contribute funds via an online account, a press statement said.

Comprising Brunei Shell Petroleum Co Sdn Bhd, Brunei LNG Sdn Bhd, Brunei Shell Tankers and Brunei Shell Marketing, the group of companies will collect funds and present it to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports as the agency managing the Humanitarian Fund for the Philippines.

The companies have also set up a collection centre at the Oil and Gas Discovery Centre in Seria where relief goods such as food, water and other basic items can be dropped off.

According to the statement, response towards the appeal has been overwhelming. Boxes of clothes, bags of rice, packaged food and cartons of bottled water, were received at the collection centre.

Another collection point was set up at the Brunei Shell Marketing office where staff based in the capital can send their donations.

Volunteers have also written “Letters of Hope” that offer words of encouragement and hope to those affected by the typhoon.

The letters will be sent to the Philippines and distributed together with the care packages being handed out on the ground.

Royal Dutch Shell plc this week announced that it is donating US$2.5 million to the Philippines as part of rebuilding and rehabilitation efforts, the statement read.

Meanwhile, startup Socialbuzz is using its technologies to lend a helping hand to victims of the Supertyphoon Haiyan.

The iCentre incubatee turned to its online group buying site Socialdeal and online supermarket Socialmart to drive public donations in the form of packaged food and drinking water.

Through the impromptu partnership between the two services, Socialdeal offers a $10 donation package comprising various food products such as instant noodles, biscuits and bottled water are on offer at Socialdeal, whereas Socialmart facilitates the logistics, packing and delivery of the donations to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports’ collection points.

Socialbuzz came up with the online donation idea after reading about Brunei’s National Disaster Management’s mission in giving priority to send water and food ito Central Philippines.

“Online and social shopping is riding on high waves at the moment, we thought why not use it for life saving events too?” Socialbuzz founder Hiro Tien said yesterday.

Tien said Bruneians have been supportive in terms of donating relief goods since the news broke out a few weeks ago.

“There is this huge portion of them whom we know want to contribute, but simply do not have time to spare due to busy schedules and lifestyle. Technologies like these open up opportunities to more people and breaks it down in a $10 package,” he said.

Since the firm launched the drive on Thursday, the firm has received over 60 donations from more than 40 individuals over Socialdeal, taking into account the purchase of multiple coupons.

“We hope this can also inspire other Internet startups to engage CSR (corporate social responsibility) in innovative ways too. That would be cool since we startups are responsible for shaping the future generation’s behaviour,” he added.

The Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) yesterday held a car boot sale to raise funds for Supertyphoon Haiyan victims.

All AITI employees participated in the event, selling a variety of food, books, clothes, toys and accessories at its premises in Anggerek Desa. The telco regulator also created a charity fund for its staff to contribute.

Employees from the Regulatory and Resource Unit also initiated a public car wash service to raise funds.

“We had 13 cars washed in the morning, and it’s safe to say that we can finish one car within 15 minutes,” an employee said.

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