Belait cleans up to guard against JE

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MUKIM Liang residents participated in a cleaning campaign to guard against the spread of infectious diseases yesterday, following the outbreak of Japanese encephalitis (JE) infections in the country.

The Ministry of Health previously reported a total of 15 JE cases in Brunei, with 14 recorded in Belait.

About 100 people turned up to participate in the coastal clean-up activity along the 1.5-kilometre Jalan Pantai Lumut, starting from the Lumut Liang Recreational Park to the old boat landing zone.

The Mukim Liang Consultative Council collaborated with the government and private sector to hold the cleaning drive.

Legislative Council member Yang Berhormat Hj Mohd Shafiee Ahmad, who is also head of Kampung Lumut 1 said the campaign aimed to support the Ministry of Health in preventing the spread of JE infections.

“I call on the residents to maintain the cleanliness of our villages and to all members of the public to refrain themselves from throwing rubbish into the recreational areas,’’ said YB Hj Mohd Shafiee.

He said a lot of waste were seen scattered in the old boat landing area on Jalan Pantai Lumut. “This is a recreational place, rubbish must be dumped in designated areas, such as the ones near the main road.’’

To maintain hygiene in the country, YB Hj Mohd Shafiee said the village consultative councils plan to organise a cleaning competition next year.

Penghulu of Mukim Liang Hj Abd Hamid Hj Mumin urged residents to take responsibility in keeping the environment clean, to prevent all areas from infectious diseases.

Dr Hj Airwan Dato Paduka Hj Mohd Kassim, medical officer at the Sungai Liang Health Clinic, reminded the participants to remove all rubbish such as used tyres, empty plastic bottles and prevent mosquitoes from breeding in collective water.

JE infection is a mosquito-borne disease transmitted by the culex mosquito. The mosquito breeds on the surface of stagnant water, in dirty drains, swamps and muddy potholes.

Adult culex mosquitoes are often found between plant leaves, and fronds, particular those of bananas trees. It breeds multiple times during the rainy season and bites between the late afternoon and nighttime.

Dr Hj Airwan said the Ministry of Health will provide vaccines against JE infections in Belait, including the Suri Seri Begawan Hospital, Vaccination Centre at Belait District Health Office in Kg Pandan 1 and the Sungai Liang Health Clinic.

The Brunei Times