DAA lauds Tutong’s part in nation’s agricultural progress

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THE Department of Agriculture and Agrifood (DAA) yesterday praised farmers and fishermen in Tutong for their contribution in the country’s agricultural development during a discussion at the Tutong Community Complex Main Hall yesterday.

More than 300 farmers attended the discussion that was aimed at updating Tutong farmers and fishermen on the progress of the agricultural industry.

The DAA in a statement said the positive growth of Tutong’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in agriculture – $61.42 million in 2012 compared to $51.76 million in 2011 which is 21.82 per cent of the overall production.

DAA said the main agricultural and agrifood contributors from Tutong was the livestock farming which had generated $29.03 million in revenue, followed by $11.33 million from chicks production.

This is also inclusive of the other industries; fertilised egg production, $7.79 million; vegetable production, $6.74 million; fruits, $3.48 million; agrifood process industry based on livestock production, $1.25 million; rice, $0.54 million; decorative plants, $.0.48 million; various plant-production, $0.41 million; agrifood process industry based on plants, $0.21 million; beef production, $0.12 million; egg production, $0.03 million; and mutton, $0.004 million.

Currently, there are about 2,166 entrepreneurs in the agriculture and agrifood sector in Tutong which makes up 39.72 per cent of the country’s agricultural and agrifood producers.

A question and answer session was also held at the end of the discussion. The discussion sought to motivate entrepreneurs to strive competitively in realising the theme – “Food Produced, Nation Saved” – which aimed to ensure that the quality of the food supply in the country is sufficient, halal, safe and affordable to the people.

The event was held in conjuction with the annual Farmers and Fishermen’s Day which was celebrated on November 4 at the Agro-Technology Park.

Present during the discussion was the Acting Director of Agriculture and Agrifood Hjh Aidah Hj Mohd Hanifah, acting deputy director, assistant directors and senior officers of the DAA.

The meeting was the second of its kind - a similar session was held previously in Brunei-Muara District on November 12.

The Brunei Times