Public thrilled with go-kart race

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MEMBERS of the public were amazed and entertained watching the Brunei Darussalam Karting Championship 2013 which was held yesterday at the Royal Wharf, Bandar Seri Begawan.

The race was held in commemoration of the changing of Bandar Seri Begawan from Bandar Brunei.

The celebration was well-received by the general public, including foreign workers and tourists coming from different districts just to watch the race.

Basore, an Indonesian carpenter from Belait said that he found out about the event through his friends and he was quite entertained with the race.

“The event was quite entertaining and watching it makes me feel relaxed,” he said.

“At the same time, watching the race also gave me an insight into what the Go-Kart race was all about,” he added.

On the other hand, Annette Mack and her spouse, Helge Mack who came across the event in a newspaper article said that the event was quite astonishing.

Coming together with their children, the family found the race was quite unique as it was carried out on the actual road people use to drive.

“Back in Germany, races like these were done at a specific centre,” she said. “I can see my children enjoyed it, they even chose which racer they wanted to win through their helmets.”

He husband, who is an engineer for His Majesty the Sultan’s Flight was also quite surprised as he did not expect that so many people would come to watch the race yesterday.

The same sentiment was shared by Salleh Hj Othman, 40, who believed that the race could be a good family outing activity.

“At first I thought the race was not well-received by the public because a similar event was also held at the stadium,” said Salleh who works at the Municipal Department.

“So people are divided, it depends on their preference, those who are interested in the race will come. Anyway, after a while, I could see that more and more people have come and so I see that the race was quite well-received,” he added.

“If my children were to come along with me here today, I bet they would really had loved the race.”

Hannan Yusof, 22, found the event interesting because it was an unusual sight in Bandar.

“So far I’ve noticed that a lot of people have come here to watch the race and honestly I hope to see more of these things in the future,” he said.

“I also suggest that since this event is being held in commemoration of the change of name from Bandar Brunei to Bandar Seri Begawan, an exhibition should be held displaying pictures of how Bandar Brunei used to be,” he added.

“That way we can teach people about the history of Bandar, because if we do not, people might seek information from other sources.”

The Brunei Times