NGO holds recycling drive

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THE Indonesian Society in Brunei Darussalam (PERMAI) Green Club yesterday collected 1.2 tonnes of scrap metal and 271kg of items for recycling as part of its year-end activity.

The recyclable items included paper, plastic and drinking cans, as well six pieces of batteries from the non-profit organisation’s members.

The club yesterday organised the Recycle Attire Competition’ for children and teenagers to promote environment conservation at the Indonesian embassy in Kg Sungai Hanching.

About 70 people participated in the programme.

Children and adolescents showcased different styles of dresses crafted from recyclable items such as plastic bags, rice sacks, newspapers, magazines, compact discs, and used boxes at the competition.

In addition, the PERMAI Green Club also collected recyclable material from members of PERMAI.

“We want to teach our children to appreciate the environment,’’ said Retna Silalahi, coordinator of PERMAI Green Club, adding that the children were taught to collect household waste under the club’s bi-monthly recycling programme.

She explained that under the green initiative, the recyclable materials collected from members of PERMAI will be handed over to a recycling company in exchange for money.

Some of the proceeds will be used to help finance the activities of PERMAI, including allowance to support Indonesian students.

Charge d’affaires Ad Interim of the Indonesian Embassy in Brunei Nurul Qomar said the embassy gives its support to the programmes carried out by PERMAI.

She hoped the club would continue its efforts to come up with innovative programmes, including creating a healthy environment.

Meanwhile. the spouse of Indonesia’s Ambassador to Brunei, Nani Handriyo said preserving the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

“There are so many things we can do to prevent the manageable natural resources from declining, as well as other natural resources,’’ Nani said.

She underscored the need for reforestation, keeping the environment surroundings clean and recycling campaigns based on the 4R principle (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and Replace) in a bid to prevent pollution from harming people.

PERMAI Green Club also works closely with other non-governmental organisations focusing on environmental issues in Brunei, including Beach Bunch and Green Brunei.

The Brunei Times