Dialogue to improve fisheries production held

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THE Fisheries Department at the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources yesterday held a dialogue session with fish operators and fishermen in Tutong to improve fisheries production in the country.

This is part of the department’s efforts in ensuring national food security as it continues to practise the strategies and programmes to increase commodity production as well as the fishery products, said Acting Director of Fisheries Abdul Halidi Salleh.

The feedback gathered from such dialogues will help the department in solving issues or concerns faced by fishermen.

“Part of the dialogue is to talk about how to handle the projects in place and if there are issues that needed to be discussed. This is important to tackle matters, if any, in order to produce and increase quality production,” he said.

Aside from forging a stronger bond between fisheries officials, the dialogue is aimed at sharing the same fishing issues and enhancing the needs of the industry in providing service assistance to improve their business results as well as addressing the problems faced by the industry.

“This department will continue to increase your understanding of the use of the latest technology to be incorporated in your operation. This includes the use of GAP (Good Aquaculture Practices), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and other technologies so that the production is clean and acceptable by the markets,” Abdul Halidi said.

About 80 participants comprising fishermen, penghulu and village head attended the dialogue held at the hall of the official home of the Tutong District Officer.

The event was hosted in conjunction with the celebration of the 2013 Farmers and Fishermen’s Day.

The Brunei Times