Value life, improve driving habits

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MEMBERS of the Friday prayers congregation were reminded to recognise the value of their own lives along with other road users and were urged to practice better driving habits to save a life.

The sermon which was given in conjunction of the ‘World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims’ that is held on the third Sunday of November each year, is aimed at highlighting the consequences of road traffic accidents caused by careless driving.

Imams across the country said that road users should remember that the roads were built for the convenience of everyone.

Therefore, it is everyone’s responsibility to use that privilege well and take mind of other road users.

“Road users are to make the roads a safer place and not a place for accidents as accidents not only cause material losses or injuries, but they also result in fatalities.”

“Awareness regarding road safety is an issue of great importance that should not be taken lightly as the roads are made for everyone but how far do we, as road users, take the necessary steps to focus on safety and the road users as an effort to reduce road accidents,” said the Imams.

Islam encourages us to always be aware and take care of others from situations that may harm one’s self or others, said the Imams during the sermon.

They made mention of a firman by Allah (SWT) in Surah Baqarah where it has been stated that there is a prohibition place on destruction, what more self-destruction and those of others.

“On the road, it is the carelessness of drivers that acts as the largest contributing factor for accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities,” exclaimed the imams.

They also noted that a rising increase in car ownership over the last few years should not be made as an excuse for the driving-related offences.

They said that some of the reckless and careless behaviours of drivers include selfishness on the road, speeding over the set speed limit, crossing a red light, tailgating, using a handheld device while driving and failing to turn or stop using proper signals amongst many.

Imams throughout the country made mention of SiKAP (Sistem Keselamatan Amalan Pemandu or Driver Safety Practice System) as an incentive made by various agencies to track errant drivers and ensure that they improve their discipline on the roads.

The matter has been highighted over the past weeks by relevant authorities as a constant reminder.

Besides adhering to SiKAP, congregants were reminded to always keep Allah (SWT) in their thoughts and consistently pray for their safety wherever they may be.

The Brunei Times