Officials tackle regional security issues in forum

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SECURITY officials from 25 countries gathered in the sultanate for talks to address the increasingly complex environment faced by armed forces in the region.

The 17th ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) Heads of Defence Universities, Colleges and Institutions Meeting took place at The Rizqun International Hotel, where discussions focused on the theme of “Cooperation in Research and Academic Curricula on the Contemporary Operating Environment ”.

Colonel Hj Abd Hadi Hj Saim, co-chair of the meeting, said the armed forces continue to receive a growing list of threats and challenges.

He noted that the theme was timely in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan that hit the region, alluding to the expanding task of armed forces in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.

In dealing with emerging and challenging roles, he said the academic curricula play an important role in enhancing the operational readiness of armed forces.

“This is where the roles of the academic institutions come into prominence. We need to have better training and academic curricula for our armed forces to face the contemporary operating environment,” he added.

The co-chair, who is also the commandant of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) Defence Academy, hoped the security dialogue will generate better understanding, research and academic curricula, which will help them make changes to their work as well as “let people be confident” with the regional roles that the armed forces could provide.

As the host nation, he said it is their resolve for the meeting to draw valuable lessons and foster networks towards common objectives as enshrined by the ARF.

“It is us who carry the responsibility to secure our governments and states, and to maintain peace and stability in the region. Hence, I call all participants to always keep our good relations and to build links and ties among us in addressing threats and challenges together,” said Colonel Hj Abd Hadi, optimistic that the two-day ARF HDUCIM will conclude on a high note today.

Discussions were divided into three topics relating to the contemporary operating environment, namely academic research and curriculum; physical and other training modules; as well as other collaboration efforts.

This year’s meeting is co-chaired by Brunei’s Ministry of Defence and RBAF Defence Academy together with South Korea’s National Defence University. Participating member states include the United States and Australia.

The Brunei Times