DAA holds discussion on progress of agriculture

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MORE than 300 farmers, including penghulu and village heads, in the Brunei-Muara District attended a discussion with the Agriculture and Agrifood Department (DAA) at Dewan Simpur of the Rimba Horticulture Centre, yesterday.

The discussion touched on the Achievement of Agriculture and Agrifood Industry in 2012.

The DAA in a statement said that the event was held in conjunction with the annual Farmers and Fishermen’s Day 2013 which is observed on November 1.

The event aims to give exposure and knowledge to the farmers, penghulu and village heads on the agriculture development in the country which covers livestock, crop and agrifood sector.

The statement said that there was a significant increase for the gross agricultural production from $240.96 million in 2011 to $281.52 million in 2012.

The gross domestic product (GDP) from the agriculture sector showed an increase since the last 10 years from $60.60 million in 2003 to $94.50 million in 2012.

The main contributor for this increase was the poultry industry which successfully contributed to some $49.88 million to the country’s GDP.

This was followed by agrifood process industry from plant-based products with a total of $48.57 million and vegetables $16.84 million. While, other industries such as egg production $18.93 million, chicks production $7.15 million, agrifood process from livestock-based products $12.05 million, rice $4.06 million, fruits $8.62 million, various crops $0.81 million, decorative plants $0.88 million, beef and goat meat $0.74 million.

The statement said that Brunei-Muara District is the biggest contributor to agriculture and agrifood production in 2012 which amounted to $168.65 million, or 59.91 per cent from the domestic product.

Currently, there are about 5,453 entrepreneurs in the sector of agriculture and agrifood throughout the country, while 615 people are in the livestock industry, 4,658 in the planting industry, and 177 in the agrifood process.

A question and answer session was also held at the end of the discussion.

Present during the event were Acting Director of Agriculture and Agrifood Hjh Aidah Hj Mohd Hanifah, acting deputy director, assistants director, senior officers, and staff of the Agriculture and Agrifood Department.

The Brunei Times