BSP graft trial ongoing, testimony of prosecution witness heard

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A FORMER employee at a company that supplied goods to Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) in his evidence yesterday told the High Court that he was following his boss’s instruction when he offered bribes to BSP employees.

The prosecution witness yesterday, Ling Wei Ren @ Lim Sheng Juih @ Thomas, is a former employee at Musfada Enterprise working under the manager David Chong, the defendant in the case.

Ling was brought to court to give evidence on the corruption case which accused a BSP vendor, Musfada Enterprise manager David Chong, of offering kickbacks to BSP employees in return for their help in procuring the order, purchase or delivery of goods from Musfada Enterprise to BSP. Ling was one of the two Musfada employees, the other being Steve Liew Shaw Von, who approached BSP employees, with offers to give them bribes in order for BSP to purchase Musfada products.

One particular product that was sold to BSP was a chemical called Vitrone. The witness said that Vitrone was actually a chemical called Falchem. Musfada, he said, would remove the label of the drums of Falchem and re-labeled them as Vitrone before selling it to BSP. “As far as I know, Falchem was supplied to Musfada by Boon Teck (a Singaporean company). I recall that each 200 litre drum of Falchem cost $700 and is sold to BSP as Vitrone for $1,400,” said Ling.

Some time in 2009, Ling and Liew were told to attend a meeting at BSP. This was regarding questions on Vitrone and the quantities of Vitrone delivered to BSP. Around May 2009, Anti-Corruption Bureau officers came to Musfada to conduct a search. It was after ACB officers came to Musfada that Chong, Ling, Liew and Musli Hj Julaili (the man who Chong approached to set up Musfada) went looking for lawyers.

Chong further told Ling to inform BSP end users not to place orders with Musfada for the time being. Ling was later asked to give statement to the ACB on October 8, 2009. Chong had left Brunei by then, to which Ling did not know where he was. During the proceedings yesterday, Ling was cross-examined by Chong’s lawyer, Roy Prabakharan from Sankaran Halim Advocates and Solicitors.

Hearing resumes next week.

The Brunei Times