Short film contest shows dynamism in religion

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TEN short films were featured yesterday at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) as finalists for the 2013 Islamic Creative Video Clip Competition, vying for prizes and recognition for their portrayal of Islam as a way of life.

The competition, jointly organised by UBD’s Student Association and Student Affairs department, accepted entries based on the theme ‘The Dynamism of Islam Through Mass Media’. It intended to deliver messages or dakwah (preaching) on Islam through the mass media to viewers as well as to foster ukhwah (brotherhood) and mahabbah (appreciation of the declaration of faith) among students of UBD and members of the public.

Ahmad Faisal Hj Zainal Abidin, Student Affairs Dean, said in his opening speech that the competition aims to be a catalyst in adopting and realising the aspirations of a Zikir Nation based on the national philosophy of Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB).

The entire length of all the videos was shown during the event, revealing a snapshot of the daily lives of students and offering messages on Islam and the relevance of religion to issues ranging from love, friendship and social undertakings.

Later, the results of the judges were announced, followed by a prize presentation ceremony.

According to judging representative, Abd Hakim Hj Mohd Salleh, also co-chair of UBD’s Spiritual and Religious Executive Committee, told _The Brunei Times _that the second edition of the competition had seen a leap in overall quality, although there was still room for improvement.

“I think what needs to be improved is the story boarding… I could see the evolvement from last year. Last year, there were too many slideshows which are not really acceptable (in the competition). What needs to be clearer overall is the content of the video. The objectives need to be clear. Even if it’s an Islamic video, it should be easy to understand by anybody... everything should be well-managed. If it is disorganised, it kills the momentum,” said Abd Hakim.

Zati Bayani Hj Abd Karim also thought that the eventual winners were fully deserving, even though her group, Mujahidaat, had produced a stirring video about a young girl losing and rediscovering her faith in love through several traumatic episodes.

“I think their (the winners) message was very clear, and their technicalities were amazing. Our video exceeded the time limit – four to six minutes. Our video was ten minutes so we lost a lot of marks there. But if we had cut our video, we would have lost our message,” said Zati Bayani.

Guest of Honour, Rubiah Hj Ya’cub, Acting Registrar and Secretary of UBD, was on hand to present prizes to the winning groups.

The Brunei Times