Two foreign nationals nabbed in Temburong ops

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TWO male foreign national have been detained by immigration officials for further investigation after failing to show valid documentation following an operation conducted in Temburong District recently.

Five foreign national males were initially apprehended for failing to show their documentations to immigration enforcement officials.

The operation deployed 35 officers including 13 new officers. It targeted five houses and workers quarters which housed a total of 50 foreign nationals.

The Law Enforcement Division of the Immigration and National Registration Department (JIPK) did not specify the name and location of the operation.

Those apprehended were brought to Temburong Police Station, before they were transferred to the National Registration and Immigration Department’s office in the capital.

Upon further investigation, three of the five men were released after their employees validated their documentation, while the remaining two remained in custody.

The department said in a statement that the operation was considered successful in providing their new officials with understanding on the operation procedure in relation to security, document analysis, and note-taking during operations as well as control over the detainees.

The inspection was conducted based on information and cooperation from the public and other enforcement agencies.

Those with any information on suspicious activities can contact the department at their hotline 8753888 or 8734888. All information will be classified as confidential.

The Brunei Times