Muslims warned against syirik

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THE imams yesterday warned Muslims against committing syirik which is associating Allah (SWT) with anything as an equal as this is considered to be a grave sin that will not be forgiven by the Almighty.

“Even if a man was noble, kind and gentle, he will not be accepted by Allah SWT if he has committed syirik,” imams said during the Friday sermon.
Other forms of syirik forbidden by Islam include witchcraft and sorcery.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) classified syirik into the greater and lesser syirik; the previous being open and apparent, while the latter is concealed or hidden.

The imams explained Allah (SWT) is greater than anything hence associating Him with other beings is forbidden.

They illustrated this greatness with the story of Prophet Musa (AS) whose request to see Allah (SWT) with his own eyes was declined by the Almighty.

Allah (SWT) said He would not show Himself directly to Prophet Musa (AS) and instead instructed the prophet to avert his eyes towards a mountain. Allah SWT said that if the mountain remained whole upon His glory then the prophet would be able to look at Him.

However, upon witnessing the glory of Allah SWT, the mountain crumbled to ashes. Seeing this, Prophet Musa (AS) fainted and when he came too, he immediately sought forgiveness and reaffirmed his belief in Allah (SWT). “This shows the greatness of Allah (SWT), we may not be able to see him but He is all-seeing” the imams added.

The sermon reminded Muslims nationwide that the most important thing in living a Muslim life is protecting one’s aqidah (faith) through prayers and doa (supplication) from the influences of syirik.

“May our prayers and good deeds be accepted by Allah (SWT) and that we will be able to enter Hereafter with Allah (SWT)’s grace.”

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