StudyUK exhibition on November 9

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THE StudyUK Exhibition, the annual education fair that provides assistance to students in making the right and informed decisions in furthering their studies will be held this weekend.

The exhibition which helps students map out their future careers and overall national development will feature UK universities and colleges showcasing courses from HND levels all the way to PhD.

Most of these institutions offer courses that are popular for Bruneians such as sciences, engineering, medicine, business and finance, IT, humanities, law, art and design to name a few.

Some also offer interdisciplinary programmes such as geomatics, design, technology, environment studies and creative industries.

HRD Services Global Education Link will be organising the annual November exhibition.

In a statement issued by HRD Services, Dr Smita Wimmer said that it would make for the perfect opportunity for students to personally meet university staff to gain further insight on the course they are interested in and to learn of new developments in their chosen field.

“We want students to make an informed decision about their final course selection, rather than a practice amongst some students to ‘drift’ into a programme without having much understanding of what the programme is about,” said Dr Wimmer.

“The students in Brunei have excellent career options upon graduating, but often do not have enough background work to ensure that the course is right for them, and equally importantly to ensure good employment prospects upon graduating.”

The education exhibition therefore, she said, provides them with the necessary material which the students can evaluate during December and January before the A-level results come out.

Students will be able to gather all the relevant information they need on studying overseas as the exhibition will also be participated by representatives from funding bodies, the Accreditation Council and the Career Unit.

The Exhibition will be held at The Empire Hotel & Country Club in Jerudong from 2pm to 7pm on November 9.

All participating institutions are accredited by the Brunei Accreditation Council.

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