Need to understand meaning of hijrah

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RELIGIOUS activities held to usher in the new Islamic year is one way of reminding Muslims, particularly the younger generation, of the significance of hijrah (migration).

The Brunei Times interviewed several members of the public on the significance of celebrating new year Hijrah on the sidelines of the Brunei-Muara ‘Riadah Hijrah’ at Kg Salambigar Mosque.

“To understand the true meaning of hijrah, Muslims need to know the history behind it and this applies to our children as well,” said Mohd Mahdi Banta, who joined over a thousand others in the celebration yesterday.

“The celebration is a reminder on the greatness of Islam. We must not forget who we are as a Muslim. It reminds and motivates us, especially our children of Rasulullah (SAW)’s struggle in disseminating Islam,” Mohd Mahdi said.

Hijrah is the migration of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in 622 AD from Mekah to Madinah to spread Islam, a significant history in Islam.

Khalifah Umar (RA), one of Rasulullah (SAW)’s closest companion, used the event as the start of the Islamic calendar.

“For our children to understand the true meaning of hijrah and the greatness of Islam, we need to bring them to be part of the celebration and explained to them how Rasulullah (SAW) struggled to spread the Islamic teachings. His actions made him a well respected man,” said Mohd Mahdi who had taken his four children along with him to take part in yesterday’s activity.

The Prophet’s journey taught us various aspects such as da’wah (Islamic propagation) and developing a strong bond among the community, he added.

Sixty-nine-year-old Hj Ahmad Hashim, from Kg Lambak Kanan, echoed Mohd Mahdi’s sentiment that there was a need for one to understand and stay true to the teachings of Islam.

Hj Ahmad said that the increase in youth participation in religious activities, was an indication that the organisers had managed to reach out to the target groups.

“The celebration reflects the importance of knowing one’s history. As Muslims, we obey Allah (SWT)’s order and avoid what He has forbidden, and to do so we first learn of the history behind it,” he said.

Hj Ahmad said life is short and Muslims should make use of the time wisely, to gain pahala (rewards).

”As a person, we can change to become a better person, a better Muslim, by emulating the characters and actions of Rasulullah (SAW).”

The Brunei Times