Belait dawn activities mark Ma’al Hijrah

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OVER a hundred people from Belait district gathered at dawn to greet the Muslim new year at Landless Indigenous Citizens Housing Scheme (STKRJ) Mosque at Lorong 3 Selatan, Seria, as part of the district’s Riadah Hijrah leisure programme.

The programme, led by Belait District Officer Hj Haris Othman, aimed to foster closer relationships among the district dwellers by inculcating the spirit of cooperation and healthy living through physical activities. After offering Subuh prayers, the congregation listened to an hour-long seminar entitled “Kesihatan dan Ibadah” (Health and Worship) delivered by Hj Haslan Hj Shahbudin, Mosque Affairs officer for Belait. This was followed by light refreshments to prepare for the morning’s physical activities.

After changing to outdoor attire, the participants gathered outside for a 15-minute aerobic warmup led by the Department of Youth and Sports before proceeding to the day’s highlight “Walkaton” event. The men walked a 3.2km route circling the Brunei Shell Petroleum housing area while the women took a 2km path circling the STKRJ housing area, finishing at the same point at the mosque compound.

The colourful and lively event did not leave out government staff, with members of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, Royal Brunei Police Force, Fire and Rescue Department, hospital ambulances as well as volunteers from the Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Society tracked the participants to ensure safety and provide standby emergency services. Scooter enthusiasts with the Kuala Belait Maxi Scooters organisation provided marshalls stationed at various points along the routes to help direct traffic.

Children below 12 years of age attending the event were not forgotten, as they participated in a colouring contest inside the mosque building, supervised by mosque committee officials. The event also hoped to encourage participation in religious and mosque activities, while presenting an opportunity to raise funds for welfare. According to a statement from Belait’s Office of Religious Affairs, 30 per cent of the funds raised would go towards Belait’s Orphan Fund while the remainder would be for the Mosque _Takmir (_Management) Activity Fund.

The Brunei Times