Ozonlympic 2013 ups ozone awareness

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THE “Ozonlympic 2013” kicked off with eight games at Kg Parit Recreational Park yesterday.

The games are designed to raise awareness of the role the ozone layer plays in protecting life on earth and the need to reduce the use of ozone depleting substances (ODS).

Officers from the Ministry of Development, high school and higher education students and members of the Brunei Environment Youth Envoys (EYEs) took part in the games.

Brunei EYEs member Md Fauzul Azhim Hj Mohd said: “The people get to be reminded how much they can still learn and take part in helping to preserve the environment. The dos and don’ts – that is the main priority.”

Shirley Lim, a teacher at Berakas High School (SMB), wanted her students to learn to communicate better in stressful situations. She also hoped they would learn about the importance of teamwork during the games.

“There should be more events like these, not just once a year, maybe two or three,” she said.

Meanwhile, Masin Secondary School student Md Fitri Zulhilmi Md Khairul Shahlee said the games had made him realise how little he knew about the ozone layer.

“There should be more activities like this. It was fun, but maybe they can organise more games so that more people can participate and learn that the ozone is the earth’s sunscreen,” he said.

Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan student Dk Rabiatul Amal Najihah Pg Radzuan said: “It was fun and tiring. It does make me more aware of what I’ve been doing that’s damaging for the environment. After this, I will try to stop myself from littering.”

She also looked forward to taking part in similar events in the future. “The public, especially families, would really benefit from activities like this, so if we do have another event like this, it’d be nice to see families running around.”

The event, which was held to commemorate the 26th World Ozone Day, was organised by the Ministry of Development through the Department of Environment, Parks & Recreation.

The Brunei Times