Trailer thieves fined for crime spree in Jerudong

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TWO men who stole four trailers from the car park at Jerudong Beach were each fined by the Magistrates’ Court yesterday following their guilty pleas.

The court yesterday fined defendant Mohammad Farik Fadillah Panjang, 26, who has a previous conviction, $4,000 in default of eight months in jail. Co-accused Mohamad Nurhazim A Rahman, 21, was fined $3,200 in default of four months in jail.

The court document states that between October 25 and October 29, both defendants drove to Pantai Jerudong in a black Mitsubishi Pajero belonging to Nurhazim’s father.

Nurhazim then drove to the nearby parking area where boat trailers are usually parked. Farik then attached a trailer to the Mitsubishi and towed it out of the car park. He repeated the procedure with three other boat trailer in the car park.

The trailers varied in length from 21 feet to 31 feet long. They were subsequently sold to a scrap yard in Jalan Kilanas.

The proceeds were then divided among the two men.

During the same period the owners of the trailers reported the theft to the police.

The trailers were recovered from the scrap dealer.

The Brunei Times