MUIB presents keys to new home

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ZAKAT is an obligatory charity that serves as a reminder to Muslims that prosperity is a gift from Allah and so it should be shared with those in need and underprivileged.

In an effort to uphold these ideals, Majlis Ugama Islam Brunei (MUIB) and Brunei-Muara District Department yesterday co-organised a ceremony at Kg Kulapis to hand over the house key and certificate to Rosnah Kula, who previously lived in a dilapidated and deteriorating house.

The new house, estimated at a cost of $37,000, was financed through zakat funds collected by MUIB while management of the construction was handled by the Brunei-Muara District Department.

Guests of honour were the Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs cum Deputy Chairman of MUIB, Dato Paduka Hj Bahrom Pg Hj Bahar, who presented the house key to the recipient, and the Brunei-Muara District officer, Hj Jamain Hj Momin who presented certificates to the recipients.

Also present was the Acting Secretary of MUIB, Hj Abd Aziz Hj Akop, the Acting Deputy Secretary of MUIB, Datin Hjh Mahani Hj Musa, the village head of Kg Putat, Yang Berhormat Hj Jumat Akim, the village head of Kg Kulapis, Hj Timor Hj Limang, Penghulu of Mukim Sengkurong, Hj Musa Hj Tahir and officers of MUIB and the Brunei-Muara District department.

According to Hj Romzi Hj Ghani, an officer of the Zakat Collection and Distribution section (BAKAZ) of MUIB, the purpose of the aid is to make a full-use of the Zakat.

“If we are able to show to people that Zakat can really help people this much, then they might be more encouraged to pay for their Zakat,” said Hj Romzi.

InsyaAllah those who perform their Zakat will never experience any kind of shortages in their lives,” he added. The recipient, Rosnah, an unemployed mother of six and the wife to Othman Hj Jeruddin, expressed her gratitude to be given a better house to live in.

“Being given this new house, I hope I can perform my daily routines better now,” said Rosnah.

“The old house was too unsafe and was frequently flooded, so we might consider demolishing it,” she added.

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