Owners want better veterinary services

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CAT owners yesterday shared some of the difficulties they face while caring for their cats in Brunei.

Housewife and owner of nine cats Amal Mahyidah Genral told The Brunei Times that she is unable to find the dietary supplements she requires for her cats in Brunei, and has to travel to Miri, Sarawak to get them, at times.

“I also have to look for cat grooming supplies in Malaysia and Thailand,” she said.

Amal added that her friends often find that they have to purchase specific cat grooming supplies from Thailand, as well.

A lack of choice among the items available for pet cats in Brunei was also noted by artist Nur Khalisah Ahmad, who owns 12 cats.

“Bruneians are cat-lovers. The government vet is great, but I wish they would open more than just three days a week,” Nur Khalisah also said.

A self-confessed cat-lover herself, Khalisah said that she often has to pay more to visit a private vet for her cats to get vaccinated.

Student Nur Amalina binti Raduan, who owns 17 cats, also shared that she finds it expensive to care for cats in Brunei, especially when it comes to long-hair cats, which need more grooming and better nutrition.

“I find private vets in Brunei are quite good at treating my cats when they are sick, and at performing checkups for them,” she said.

Meanwhile, Hartini Hj Haris, one of the administrators who run the Brunei cat-lovers Facebook page Brunei Meows, also acknowledged that although veterinary services currently provided in Brunei are generally better than they used to be, they can still be improved.

“They have things like ultrasound and blood tests overseas for cats, but we do not have them. Hopefully, they will arrive in Brunei eventually,” she said.

The Brunei Times