Moodle system can enhance teaching and learning process

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THE use of Information Communications Technology (ICT), as a form of Moodle Learning Management System, can effectively enhance learning and teaching processes as well as deepen and enrich students’ learning.

Centre Director of SEAMEO VOCTECH, Hj Md Sharifuddin Hj Md Salleh, at the closing ceremony of SEAMEO VOCTECH’s Regional Training Programme yesterday, said ICT in education comprises a broad spectrum of rapidly evolving technologies which include the use of notebooks and the Internet, both of which provide the platform for e-learning, blended and hybrid learning, and virtual classes phenomena in today’s education scenario.

E-learning in the 21st century has had great impact on the role of teachers, altering it from transmitters of knowledge to facilitators, he pointed out.

The centre believes in developing students into competent ICT users, he added, explaining the introduction of the programme.

“I hope this programme has made you (participants) skilled, informed and critical users of technology, through and about new technologies, in the most competent and creative ways,” he said.

The closing ceremony held at the SEAMEO VOCTECH Regional Centre in Gadong was attended by Malaysian High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam His Excellency Datuk Awang Sahak Awang Salleh.

During his speech, the high commissioner noted that with ASEAN member states coming together in the programme, they not only acquire knowledge but are also able to share their best practices with each other.

“We all know that right and accurate information facilitates better and more informed decisions, greater productivity and time-cost efficiency. But what is important in a computerised learning system is our capability to create and to encourage a collaborative culture among our Southeast Asian brothers. Hence, your expertise in information technology significantly contributes to the intellectual capital of our constituents,” said Datuk Awang Sahak.

It is never too late when it comes to introducing innovative methodologies that would help enhance students’ abilities, he added.

“With the accessibility of SEAMEO centres in our region, the opportunity of global sharing to keep ourselves abreast with the internationalisation of education is no longer impossible.”

The 10-day training on “Effective application of Moodle learning management system in delivering rich media learning content” came to a close yesterday.

Thirty-three participants from SEAMEO member countries received their certificates of completion which were handed over by the high commissioner.

Aside from the training, participants were given a tour around the capital.

“The visits were very interesting. It is not only the technology that we learn but more of the culture, and at the same time, country. We went for a tour of the Royal Regalia Building, and the palace. The Bruneian classmates were very generous. They gave us a full (day’s) tour and (we also visited) the ASEAN Expo in Jerudong. Being in Brunei has been memorable. We are very thankful to SEAMEO VOCTECH as well,” said a participant from the Philippines, Belinda J Ignacio.

“We learned a lot on the effective application of the Moodle and we can apply it in our school in the Philippines. Since we do not have it yet in our school, we will introduce the learning. Hopefully, we can find resources and work together to make that happen,” she added.

Meanwhile, a participant from Singapore said the SOAS mosque in the capital was “magnificent”.

“We went to the mosque in the capital which was magnificent. And during the training session, we had ice breaker games which made it more fun,” said Chow Wai Har who shared her experience during the training.

She added the learning technique would be applied in her school as a step-by-step programme.

“We have other platforms for Learning Management System but have not implemented the Moodle learning yet. We will introduce this in our school, and hopefully it can be implemented as well,” she added.

The Brunei Times