Lun Bawang keep culture alive through festival

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PRESERVATION of culture is important for a community to build a strong sense of identity, said the acting director of information at the launch of the Irau Aco Lun Bawang ceremony in Temburong yesterday.

Held at the Utama Bumiputera Complex in Bangar, Irau Aco is a festival celebrated by the Lun Bawang community, an indigenous tribe of central northern Borneo, also known formally as Murut.

In his address, Acting Director of Information at the Prime Minister’s Office, Azman Hj Abdul Rahim believed that the celebrations are an effective measure for cultural heritage, particularly to the Murut community.

He said that new dimensions of life introduced by a modern world have sparked challenges to the integrity of culture within a nation.

He said that he hoped the event will keep native cultures alive, as well as flourish in the future.

Yesterday’s event also featured an exhibition of agricultural and handicraft products, as well as traditional foods and antiques from the Murut community.

The celebration was organised by the Association of Lun Bawang Murut Brunei with the Department of Youth and Sports, Temburong division.

The theme of the celebration is “Work with Unity”.

Various other events have been organised, including a Strong Man Competition and various sports.

The Brunei Times