Be strong willed, determined to succeed

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ACCORDING to Al-Quran verses which were read during the Friday sermon, Allah SWT does not grant change to a society or an individual if they do not put in effort to make a change.

Imams nationwide yesterday reminded the congregants of the upcoming Hijrah 1435 (new Islamic year). They highlighted that Hijrah was a milestone that changed the lives of Muslims forever.

“To celebrate Hijrah 1435, we must strengthen our determination and remove all negativities that have been thrown our way. Change our mindset to be more creative and innovative,” imams said.

According to the sermon, hardwork and determination will be rewarded at the right time, as Muslims are not limited to living life just by the rules of Islam; their worldly intentions (azam) will make their days on Earth better.

“Islam does not allow its followers to sit and do nothing, expecting to be blessed by doing nothing,” the imams said.

They reminded Muslims in the Sultanate of the historical event that changed the lives of Muslims everywhere.

The pilgrimage of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his followers from Mekah to 320 kilometres (200 miles) north, lead them to Madinah.

Their reason was to move away from the negativities and hurt caused by the Quraysh, the leading tribe that opposed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Islamic teachings.

Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) determination to better the lives of his _ummah _was rewarded with the acceptance of Islam in Madinah, living in the mercy and grace of Allah SWT.

“The pilgrimage was driven with that determination, strengthening the bonds between Muslim brethren,” the sermon added.

The imams mentioned that the increasing years that have passed since the first Hijrah is a sign that we as mortals are not long for this world.

They asked the masses of Muslims “Are you ready to meet the Creator? Have you done enough in this world to be accepted by Allah SWT?”

With this realisation, the imams advised the congregants to better themselves as Muslims with stronger determination and willpower to live a better life here and for the hereafter.

The Brunei Times