Navy must face threats head on

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NAVIES cannot avoid confronting the challenges of a wider range of threats and a more complex set of operating environments, said the Deputy Fleet Commander of the Royal Brunei Navy (RNB).

Speaking at a seminar presentation during the 2nd ASEAN Navies Young Officers Interaction (ANYOI) yesterday, Lieutenant Colonel (L) Zil Husam Hj Abd Rahman explained navies are facing a world of uncertainty with threats arising in many forms, including maritime disputes and transnational crimes.

“The dynamism and also unpredictable nature of this maritime environment makes our job in the navies dangerous and risky,” he commented.

The Deputy Fleet Commander, who was overseeing the seminar presentation attended by 18 junior naval officers from the region, strongly believed the only way for them to achieve peace and security is through unity at sea.

“Through friendship, we can achieve greater heights in understanding each other, especially between us ASEAN navies coming from different cultures and traditions,” he said.

Unity at sea, he added, is important for confidence building and maritime cooperation, which will contribute to promoting peace and stability in the South China Sea. Several ASEAN members are embroiled over territorial claims with China and Taiwan in the vast resource-rich waters.

Lieutenant Colonel (L) Zil Husam further reiterated that friendship is an important catalyst in building stronger bonds among regional navies.

“This will translate to a better understanding and positive environment should we meet at sea and, more importantly, we can avoid any misunderstanding and miscalculation that can lead to unintended consequences, which serve no benefits to us all,” he remarked.

The seminar presentation, held at the Bolkiah Garrison Officers’ Mess, carried the theme “Friendship at Sea for Regional Maritime Peace and Security – Nurturing Future Leaders”.

The Brunei Times