Teenage girl pleads guilty to stealing

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A 19-YEAR-OLD girl has been fined $500 after she pleaded guilty to stealing from her former employer’s stall.

On October 21, Nur Hana Nabila Kifli went to Giant Rimba to collect her salary slip. Upon arriving at the shopping centre, she met with her colleague, Ummu, who was manning an expo booth near the left entrance.

After collecting her salary slip, Nabila proceeded to choose some items which she intended to steal, mostly consisting of bracelets, phone charges, belts, pins, make up, handbags and wallets.

Nabila then placed it under the sales table and asked Ummu to take those items out from the shopping centre so they could be carried back to Nabila’s car. She then left for home.

On the same day, the employer of the booth, Noriah Asnan, discovered from CCTV footage that Nabila had taken the items, and upon stock checking, reconfirmed that those items were missing.

Sometime at night, Nabila received a message from Noriah to return the items she had stolen from the sales booth.

The defendant returned to the shopping centre with the items on October 24. When she arrived, she placed the items on the table top of the washing basin in the toilet. She claimed that she contacted ‘Si Alai’ to collect them.

Not long after that, Nabila decided to leave those items in the toilet, claiming to have waited quite some time for ‘Si Alai’, who did not turn up.

Around 1pm on the same day, she proceeded back to the toilet to see whether ‘Si Alai’ had taken said items and returned them to the stall. She later discovered that he did not do so, and the items in question were missing.

Nabila, after being asked by Noriah to go to the Berakas Police Station, admitted to stealing the items.

During the proceedings at the Magistrates’ Court, Nabila was ordered to settle the fines before November 4, or face the in-default sentence of one month in jail.

Nabila has been released on a court bail of $500 with one local surety pending the next mention of the case.

The Brunei Times