HRH attends discussion on legislation drafting

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HER Royal Highness Princess Hjh Muta-Wakkilah Hayatul Bolkiah attended a discussion on legislation drafting at the Law and Court Building yesterday.

Roger Neville Rose, an expert in legislative drafting, was invited to speak on the topic “Why is law -making time consuming and is legislation always the answer?”.

He said the law-making process takes a great deal of time since it involves two processes: policymaking and legislative drafting.

The guest speaker is in Brunei to conduct a three-day workshop on legislative drafting from today to Thursday.

Workshop participants will embark on various subject matters in drafting legislation such as dealing with concise and plain language drafting, drafting repeal provision and the use of punctuation in drafting.

Rose holds directorships of studies of legislative drafting and other law courses at the Royal Institute of Public Administration International London.

Discussion sessions are frequently held at the AGC to provide a forum where officers can learn from one another through sharing of lessons and information.

The event provides an opportunity to share their views and generate a discussions on legal issues of common concerns. It has since expanded to cover other non-legal issues and speakers are also not restricted to officers of the chambers but have included other prominent speakers.

The discussion session is the AGC’s initiative in promoting the learning of the law-making process, in addition to other initiatives such as the launch of the Drafting Instructions Handbook in January this year.

Also in attendance at the event was Solicitor-General Naimah Mohd Ali.

The Brunei Times