Forum discusses attaining happiness in Islam

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TRUE happiness of a Muslim can be attained through pleasing Allah (SWT) and preparing for the aftelife, and not merely in material or non-material gains.

This was the content discussed by three panelists at the special forum “Habibi Rasulullah Sallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam” organised by Universiti Islam Sharif Ali (UNISSA) yesterday.

The forum, themed “Strengthening the Faith would raise One’s Devotion”, discussed the importance of the Six Pillars of Faith and how Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the best example to the mankind.

The speakers were Ustaz Dr Hj Zaharuddin Hj Abdul Rahman, senior lecturer at International Islamic University, Malaysia; Dr Hj Adnan Hj Basar, acting assistant rais at Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College and Dr Abang Hj Hadzmin Abang Hj Taha, dean of Arabic Language and Islamic Civilisation Faculty at UNISSA.

Dr Hj Adnan reminded the audience that professing love to Allah (SWT) and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) should be accompanied with sincere actions.

“It is not enough to say that we love Allah (SWT) and His Prohet (SAW) yet we are not willing to spread Islam and follow the Prophet’s footsteps.”

Ustaz Dr Hj Zaharuddin, a well-known Islamic personality in Malaysia said doa (supplication) is part of worship but the five obligatory prayers are the most important doas because it is during this time that Muslims can communicate directly with Allah (SWT).

“The Prophet (SAW) reminded us to do our prayers as he prayed. We may not have seen with our own eyes how he prayed but we must do our prayers with conscientiously, to learn the proper way until we can imagine how the Prophet (SAW) performed his prayers,” he said.

He said a Muslim who refused to better themselves in their worship towards Allah is like stagnant water - static and smelly. But, a Muslim who is constantly trying to better himself, is like flowing water - clean and clear.

“A Muslim who takes care of his obligatory prayers can help him from doing the bad deeds. A prayer must come from a conscientious heart and serious and never doubt that Allah (SWT) would not answer your prayer. One must be optimistic and positive towards their prayers,” said Ustaz Dr Hj Zaharuddin.

Professing love towards Allah (SWT) and following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) comprise two of the Six Pillars of Faith. Dr Abang Hj Hadzmin later elaborated on the Arabic language and strengthen the faith and belief in Allah SWT’s books (Torah, Zabur, Injil and the Noble Quran).

More than 500 people attended the forum which was held in conjunction with the university’s third Hafl Al-Takharruj convocation. It was moderated by Usuluddin Faculty Lecturer Ustaz Hj Abmad Abdussalam.

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