3 police officers injured in attack

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THREE police officers sustained injuries that required stiches during a raid in Tutong district.

A man accused of attacking the police officers was suspected of gambling at a house last Saturday, according to a police press statement issued yesterday.

The suspect managed to escape, but police said the 45-year-old male civil servant was apprehended yesterday.

Police stated that a total of 23 people were arrested for gambling during separate raids in Tutong district.

Most of the suspects were Bruneians, including seven females, according to a press statement issued yesterday.

Police conducted four separate operations at the district. During the raids, two houses were searched for suspected four-digit lottery activities. A couple was detained for investigations.

Close to $10,000 were seized. Police believed the money was used for gambling. Meanwhile, 104 cartons of smuggled cigarettes were also found in one of the detainees’ vehicle.

On another raid that same night, a house was searched for suspected illegal gaming activities where 12 males and six females were arrested after attempting to flee the scene when police arrived.

Gaming equipment, related to the game of ‘ketam-ketam’ was found at the scene, including tables, ‘ketam’ fabric and numerous dices used for gaming. Cash money of around $5,000 was also seized as evidence.

A total of over $15,000 cash was seized from the four operations.

Some of the detainees are currently investigated under Section 6(1) of the Common Gaming House Act, Chapter 28, where the maximum penalty for gaming in a common gaming house is a fine of $10,000 and imprisonment for six months.

One detainee is investigated under Section 332 of the Penal Code Cap 22 for voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty, where if found guilty is punishable with imprisonment for five years and whipping.

The police reminded the public to refrain from any acts that may obstruct a police officer from discharging his duties.

Whoever assaults or uses criminal force against any police officer in the execution of his duty is liable to be charged under Section 353 of the Penal Code Cap 22, which carries a maximum jail term of five years and fine.

The Brunei Times