Call for NGO to develop database on jobless youth

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A NON-governmental organisation (NGO) specialising in the field of personal development has been urged by an education official yesterday to develop a database to record information on unemployed youth in the Sultanate.

The call to Persatuan Kemajuan Insan (KESAN) was made by Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education Hj Suhaila Hj Abdul Karim in his speech at the opening ceremony of “Belia Perintis: 5 Steps Towards Employability” programme organised by the NGO at the Civil Service Institute building in Rimba.

“In this opportunity I call on KESAN association to immediately develop a data base that contains all information on youth who have already left schools or those who have graduated from secondary or higher education institutions, but are still unemployed,’’ said Hj Suhaila, who is also the event’s guest of honour.

Citing the 2011 Brunei Darussalam Key Indicators issued by the Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE), he said that the number of unemployed was 5,300 or 2.6 per cent. The number increases every year.

Therefore, the youth should work harder as part of the human resource so that Brunei will continuously developed and maintained, Hj Suhaila added.

Aside from striving for excellent academic results during their time in school, jobseekers need to have a mindset and skills when seeking employment.

“Good academic result is not solely a ticket to get a job easily. But the skills, personality with high integrity and moral standards also play an important role in getting a job,’’ he said.

He suggested that the unemployed youth should voluntarily offer themselves as teacher assistants in schools. The involvement of these youth in the community service activities or ceremonial occasions in the country is also very much welcomed, he added.

“The spirit of volunteerism is welcomed by the state,’’ he said.

In a bid to complement the government efforts in increasing employment rate among the local youth in Brunei, KESAN launched “Belia Perintis: 5 Steps Towards Employability” programme yesterday. The two-day event is aimed at equipping the participants with knowledge and skills that can assist them in seeking employment. The five steps of employability comprise understanding Brunei’s job market, building self confidence, curriculum vitae (CV) writing and self preparation, facing interviews, and self development.

“Through this programme, we hope that we can equip the young jobseekers with skills in getting jobs, in addition to increasing the awareness and knowledge of the participants about the working environment in Brunei,’’ said Mohamad Zawawi Bahari, president of KESAN in his remarks.

He said that the programme saw the participation of 80 youth consisting of graduates from vocational and technical schools, as well as higher education institutions in the country and overseas.

A fourth-year student at Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Hudan Naurah Hj Ibrahim, 24, said that she registered with the programme after she received an information circulating in social media.

“My expectation from this programme is to gain new knowledge on what steps are needed to be done once I graduate,’’ said Hudan Naurah, who is majoring in Art and Creative Technology.

Another participant, Amal Sakinah Hj Yahya, 20, said that she wanted to learn how to build her self-confidence and find out more about her hidden potential for her future career.

The event continues today and is scheduled to be concluded later in the afternoon.

Since its establishment in 2006, KESAN has been focusing its activities on personal development such as leadership training, workshop and volunteer work.

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