Malaysian fined for untaxed cigarettes

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A MALAYSIAN man was fined $5,000 at the Magistrates’ Court Thursday after he pleaded guilty to the possession of untaxed cigarettes.

The court document states defendant Liew Leong Shin, 39, was stopped by customs officers at the Kuala Lurah Control Post on October 4 for a routine inspection of the car he was driving.

Prior to the inspection, a customs officer asked Liew if he had anything to declare. Liew said he had just two bottles of wine. However, on searching the vehicle, customs officers found 15 cartons of cigarettes in various compartments of the car.

Upon further questioning, Liew admitted that the cigarettes found inside the car belonged to him and that he had bought them at a shop in Limbang for $118. The excise duty due on the cigarettes was $700.

During the proceedings, the court ordered the seized items to be forfeited to the state.

The court granted the defendant a two-month grace period to pay the fine or face five months in jail in default of payment.

The Brunei Times