Accept Syariah laws, Muslims told

National 1 minute, 30 seconds


IMAMS nationwide yesterday preached about the Syariah law, reminding Muslims of their duty and obligation to fully accept the laws.

The sermon explained that these laws were not made based on the thoughts, knowledge or experience of a society; and are unaffected by the influence of time and the change it brings.

Syariah law was decreed by Allah SWT, in the form of religious texts including the Quran.

“Islamic laws are complete and thorough, taking all parts of life including the individual, the family, the society, the nation and the communication between humans,” the sermon stated.

The laws also discuss the relationships between ruler and follower, Muslims and non-Muslims, and nations as well as the world and the thereafter.

During the sermon, the imams said the implementation of Syariah laws aims to protect five matters, namely Islam and its teachings, the lives of people from homicide, to protect the people from the path of ruin, protection from adultery, and protection of property from theft.

The imams also addressed the saddening fact of the Syariah Law being downgraded as obsolete and unsuited in this modern era.

“These accusations were born from the unfaithful.”

“Fragile societies are easily influenced by conjecture, thus they blame the Syariah law as the source of unrest and the setback of Muslims,” they added.

The imams said His Majesty’s titah of re-implementing the Syariah law on October 22 was historical, as it strengthens the purity of Islam in the country.

Although the Syariah Law may be seen as crude, it has its own wisdom and hidden benefits, according to the imams.

One clear aspect of the Syariah law is that it acts as a deterrent, striking fear to those who dare to act against the laws of Islam, the sermon added.

The Brunei Times