JIPK inspects eateries, workshop

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THREE separate business premises in Mukim Berakas yesterday received a surprise inspection by the Law Enforcement Section of the Immigration and National Registration Department.

Two special passes and two summonses were issued after the inspections which was carried out on restaurants and a car workshop.

Dubbed as “Ops Sergah JIPK 59/2013’’, the inspections were carried out at 10am on Monday. The chief immigration officer of the Immigration Department Law Enforcement Section led a team of seven immigration officers during the operation.

The department would continue to carry out ongoing enforcement activities either independently or jointly with other law enforcement agencies to ensure that foreign workers work under their original warranty and that the employers do not hire foreign workers who are not under their warranty, said the statement.

The department is asking the public to provide information with regards to immigration offenders by contacting their hotline at 8753888/8734888. Any information and the name of the informer will be kept confidential.

The Brunei Times