Arson: 22-year-old gets five years, six strokes

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A MAN who had set fire to a house along with six vehicles in Kuala Belait was sentenced by the Intermediate Court to serve five years and one month in jail with immediate effect and to be given six strokes of the cane after he pleaded guilty to all the charges.

The defendant, 22 year-old Shahrin Mohammad Johari, had pleaded guilty to the offence in August to the charge of mischief by fire and causing damage to property.

The court document states that on June 12, the complainant, Hj Mejdee and his family were visiting a sick relative nearby his home in Jalan Singa Menteri, Kuala Belait, when they heard sounds of explosions from their home. Upon arriving scene, the house was on fire along with five cars and a motorcycle.

Police investigations were carried out which revealed that the defendant was involved in the offence. Shahrin admitted that he went to an address at Jalan Singa Menteri with a container filled with diesel gas, a lighter and an old bicycle tyre.

Shahrin then poured diesel gas onto a car, a Hyundai H1, that was parked under the house and set it on fire. The defendant then ran and left the area.

Police investigations further revealed that Shahrin set fire to the car just for fun knowing that it was likely to cause damage to the other nearby cars and wooden houses.

Shahrin further admitted to smashing the window of a house in Kg Pandan with a brick.

The Brunei Times